A Belated Return To The Site Which Means So Much To Me!

This site has been dormant for a long time , for which I must apologise. My advancing years did expose me to some quite serious health problems, and my services assisting in the maintenance of quality social services in the semi-rural area where I lived were in demand. I could have published some posts on my interests in climate change, rural life and so forth, but so many other people were putting forward the same ideas, that I decided to sit back and, with the assistance of publications by some fascinating writers, develop some ideas for the preservation and restoration of land which is suffering from the effects of climate change and other damaging features of modern life.

Though I am in reasonably good health for my age (I think!), the loss of friends and family who were younger than I am, made me wonder what sort of exit from this world I would like. Therefore the first essay to be published here will be the discussion of the disposal of human remains which will save the expenditures on land or power and which will, if their friends and relatives so desire, provide opportunities for rewarding future contacts.


About jimthegeordie

I was born in the north of England and am a Geordie. Geordies are celts who are noted for having long bodies with short arms and legs. After working in UK, Africa and Australia as a civil engineer and IT contractor I am now retired and living in a beautiful wine-making area. I am the patriarch of a wonderful family, of whom I am inordinately proud.
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