Just Keeping Things Moving Along.

The various posts to this blog are based on sections of a discussion paper I had written.  I would have expected to have more material posted by this time.  However, I have been totally seduced by a book I have been reading called simply “Eaarth” (that’s right – 2 ‘a’s) by Bill McKibben.  Bill writes very persuasively about climate and other environment changes which will severely impact living conditions in the future and makes lots of interesting suggestions as to how we might cope with them.  I have therefore held off posting new material until I have had a chance to see how Bill’s stuff fits in with my own ideas.

I believe that this book is required reading for all of us who have views about climate change, sceptical or not.  What makes the book very persuasive is the way that Bill has cross-referenced events and data from all round the world, identifying patterns and similarities in such a way as to present them all in a very cohesive story.  From this information, he has constructed a picture of what day-to-day life in the future might be and suggests ways and means to make it as comfortable and sustainable as possible.

If you are a climate-change denier, by all means hold onto your views, but if you are ever going to discuss them with a reader of this book, make sure that you have all of your material organised and be prepared for a very challenging and hard-hitting response.

About jimthegeordie

I was born in the north of England and am a Geordie. Geordies are celts who are noted for having long bodies with short arms and legs. After working in UK, Africa and Australia as a civil engineer and IT contractor I am now retired and living in a beautiful wine-making area. I am the patriarch of a wonderful family, of whom I am inordinately proud.
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